Het planetnetwerk is weer uitgebreid met een nieuw lid, Planetps2. Op deze site kan je alles vinden wat met de ps2 te maken heeft. Hier is een stukje uit de aankondiging.

PlanetPS2 is the latest console site to join the GameSpy network, joining its older brother PlanetDreamcast. PlanetPS2 will offer the latest reviews, previews and news about the PlayStation 2 universe. To kick-off PlanetPS2's grand-opening, there are lots of exciting features to be found: - Don't know what the heck the PS2 is, or what it can do? Check out the site's About section. There's a section on the history of Sony, and even a page with tips on the best ways to buy a Playstation 2 (if you just can't wait).

- Of course, it would be pretty hard to run a Playstation 2 site without a PS2. We managed to get our hands on one, and Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen and Ben "BenT" Turner bring you their First Impressions of the PS2.

- Want to know what the games are like? Read thorough new reviews for a bunch of PS2 launch titles, including Ridge Racer V, Street Fighter EX3 and Eternal Ring. Je vind hem hier