Waarschijnlijk heb je nog nooit van pipeworks gehoord, maar dit bedrijf heeft de eerste demo's voor de X-Box gemaakt (zie plaatjes). Hier een interview met Phil Cowles, de directeur: How did you get involved with Microsoft, and the X-Box? The gaming industry is a very close circuit of friends. The founders of Pipeworks met one of the X-Box projects leads in 1995. Why did you choose the X-Box as your debut platform? We wanted to establish Pipeworks as a very flexible, innovative and progressive company. What better way to debut Pipeworks than to work with Microsoft on a new platform? Are you surprised at the overwhelming responses you got from your recent X-Box demos? We were very pleased to receive the response to our development efforts, and for the announcement of the X-Box. We are very excited about the future of this new platform.