Voor de weinige paar gamers die een Dualhead Matrox G400 hebben gekocht (video kaart waar je 2 monitoren tegelijkertijd op kan aansluiten) is er eindelijk een spel voor uit die hem 100% gebruikt: Picasso

Het idee is dat je allerlei kunststukken moet stelenPicassio is about art theft, in which the player is commissioned to obtain some of the world's most valuable works of art, using non-fatal weapons such as tranquilliser darts. The game outsmarts all before it, maintaining all the benefits of a leading shoot-em-up, such as Half Life, while combining all the fun of Spy vs Spy. Picassio uses a unique style of character motion and multi-viewpoint gaming. [break]

[/break] "In Picassio, you are a catburglar prowling around a high security museum, searching for the prize target and evading your opponent and the ever-vigilant guards. Implementing Matrox's DualHead Technology in Picassio will allow us to take 'sneak em up' game-play into another dimension. Strategically place spy cameras around the building then keep an eye on anything that might be coming your way by toggling through the camera views on your second screen at the touch of a button."Het idee is heel cool, maar er zijn lijkt mij te weinig g400's in de omloop om zo'n spel echt succesvol te maken. Maar je weet maar nooit