Ooit je afgevraagd wat men met '31337', 'hax0r' of '0wnz' bedoeld? The Corporation heeft een 'h0w to r0x0rz in d00d sp34k!!1!2@1!' guide geschreven. Vooral het nut in games wordt uitgelegd, aangezien je gemakkelijk je opponents kan afleiden met dit soort kreten Hier een stukje:aLr1ght, f00, it's tiMe to give a11 j00 a littl3 lezzon in h0w t0 s0und li|ke a l33t h4x0rz. I h34rd that j00 got totally 0wnz3rd last night in UT, hUh? it pr0lly p1ss3d j00 0ff th4t the p3rs0n w4s a t0t4l d00d l4mah, huH???// w3ll, d0nt j00 s33 the tr00th in all d1s???!?// d00d sp34k is a str4tegY us3d by m4nY p33ple in v4ri0us g4m3z s0 th4t th3y c4n g3t uNdaH j0 sk1n aNd g4in a m3nt4l eJJ. 0nc3 j0 0pp0n3nt h4s l0st hiZ c0nc3ntrati0n, j00 c4n th3n t4ke aDvantag3 of iT aNd r0x0rz him!!!!1112@! jUst siT b4ck aNd relax0rz, M4staH KeNicki3 will t34ch j00 aLL j00 n33d to kn0w ab0ut d00d sp34k aNd h0w to b3st usE it. L3t's r0x0rz!1!2!@!@2! sp34kin d00disH First you might want to know what d00dish is, right? d00d sp34k is an online dialect where you totally mess with pretty much every aspect of the English language: misuse punctuation, substitute ASCII and numbers for letters, and just add things to the ends of all your words. This totally freestyle way of writing is difficult to read and takes a bit of concentration to translate into something your brain can understand, which is the idea. Because the goal is to make it as annoying as possible, there are no hard rules to speaking in d00dish (if there were, then people could simply become fluent in it like any other language and defeat the purpose). However, there are certain guidelines that you can follow in order to make it as effective as possible--you'll want to combine this with your own personal taste for added comfort.