De langverwachte opvolger van Sierra's Caesar 3 is vandaag gold gegaan. Nog even wachten dus...CAMBRIDGE, MA (October 21, 1999) - Impressions Games™ and Sierra Studios™ today announced that Pharaoh, Impressions' strategic city-building game set in ancient Egypt, has gone gold. The prequel to the award-winning Caesar trilogy, Pharaoh allows gamers to manage cities, construct giant monuments, and even interact with the citizens of their grand creations. This journey down the Nile is expected to begin for PC gamers around the world in the first week of November. "Pharaoh is the most ambitious city building title Impressions has ever undertaken," said Director of Design and Development at Impressions Games, Chris Beatrice. "Everyone involved in this project has been excited about it from the get-go. In Pharaoh, we've paid close attention to detail, and maintained as much historical authenticity as is feasible in a game intended to reach a broad audience. Our goal was to deliver a fresh and satisfying experience to longstanding fans of our city building series, while at the same time making a game that would appeal to a broader audience of gamers and would-be gamers alike."