Eurogamer kreeg de kans om te gaan praten met Peter Molyneux , de maker van o.a. Dungeon Keeper, Theme Park, Populous en meer recentelijk Black & White.

Het gesprek gaat over de Playstation versie van Black & White, zijn donkere kanten en inmiddels geschrapte plannen voor een special version van B&W speciaal voor het goede doel. In a way then Black & White is a very moral game, as the way you treat your followers has a very visible effect on the world, changing everything from the landscape and skies to the behaviour and appearance of the giant creature which accompanies you throughout the game. "I think as it turns out it's done that, but it wasn't one of the great ambitions of the game to make a moral statement. Certainly there have been lots of times when we've sat down during development and thought it's quite cool that people judge you and they either respect you or they fear you. But what I'm really talking to you about is mechanics, and side effects of what we have implemented." Een leuk stukje wat zeker de moeite waard is om te lezen.