IGN heeft een preview van Peacemakers, een real time strategiespel dat volgens IGN een nieuwe kijk heeft op resource gathering.

Je resources bestaan namelijk uit ,,de media''One of the areas of the genre that developers seem to be focusing on changing is the area of resources. Whether games completely take out the resource gathering models or change the idea, it looks as thought the days of sending out your harvesters to dig up minerals may be slowly coming to an end. Peacemakers is taking a new approach to resource management that just might make this strategy game a bit more interesting. The resource used in this game is the media. That's right, those goofy guys on the six o'clock news are the most important resource on the planet in this game. It isn't quite the crazy idea that you might think, though. The media has become one of the most influential forces in the world today and holds sway over more people's opinions than you may realize. Geintereseerd geraakt naar de preview?

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