DukeNukem4Ever staat weer flink in de belangstelling..zeker nu pcgamer de cover heeft weten te strikken van deze veel belovende titel.As some of you might be aware, the December issue of PC Gamer will feature a cover story on Duke Nukem Forever. Very anticipated, this issue of the magazine will have a story on the game and some of the game features. Also in this issue will be the first released screenshots from Duke Nukem Forever with the Unreal engine. This issue of the magazine is due to arrive to subscribers on or around November 1st, with a street date on newsstands on or around November 12th. If you are not a PC Gamer subscriber, make sure to hit the newsstands around November 12th and pick up your own copy so you can get all the latest about Duke Forever! Once the magazine hits the stands, we will be releasing the screenshots that appear in the magazine on our site so that you can see the high quality images in all their glory! Keep your eyes peeled here to the 3D Realms site, as they'll appear here before anywhere else.Leuke hap is dat...kunnen we weer gaan wachten op een magazine! :-( En omdat Dukie de cover heeft van PCGamer zit het er natuurlijk wel weer in dat ie een zeer hoog cijfer gaat scoren...zoals dat altijd is met covers. Misschien is dat ook wel waard.