Round 176..FIGHT !. Voor de zoveelste keer wordt de PC vergeleken met een Console. Dat er geen duidelijke winnaar is kan ik je nu al zeggen. Veel mensen prefereren een Console boven een PC en andersom. Ars Technica bekijkt de geschiedenis en de techniek achter beiden. Van Caching tot 3d rendering, alles komt aan bod Conclusions So which machine is more powerful? Well, if you're talking 3D gaming and you mean right now, I wouldn't hesitate to give the crown to the PS2. Looking ahead to the next two or three years, the future looks much less certain. It'll be quite a while before developers are able to figure out how to harness the full capabilities of the PS2, and while they're scratching their heads the PC will be getting more and more powerful. As we'll soon see with the NV15, the PC is still advancing quickly under the old "large buckets and slightly bigger pipes" paradigm. However, the PS2 represents the true next generation of media processing, and until the PC catches up with it in terms of bandwidth and overall data throughput (read "SIMD") it can't be worthily called a true dynamic media machine. That being said, a look at the PS2 is a look into the (probably near) future of the PC. The data pipes will indeed get wider, SIMD will increase the smount of media data a PC can process, and the PC will resemble more and more the kind of media machine that Diefendorff and Duby described, and that the engineers at Sony and Mitsubishi built. Het hele artikel