Computer Gaming World heeft SegaNet getest en ze werden blij verrast.Computer Gaming World has high praise for SegaNet in its December issue. CGW calls the experience of playing NFL 2K1 and Quake III multiplayer games online "no less than amazing."

The PC magazine goes on to say, "There was no perceptible lag playing either one over the Internet on a 56K modem, and logging into the game took about two button clicks," and concludes, "Hopefully some of SegaNet's innovations will migrate over to the PC."

What the heck is CGW doing covering consoles? A new section, called "Inside Videogaming" debuts in CGW's December issue. So far it's just one page. Online Quake 3 Arena is zeker erg goed over SegaNet.

Ik ben een gelukkige gamer die het al heeft kunnen proberen.

De verbinding is erg snel, zelfs vanuit nederland.