Het is de laatste tijd wel weer raak als het gaat om "old stuff". Abandon ware en old school zijn helemaal in. Daily Radar is deze week gewijd aan "Classic Games". Nu werden: Ultima Online, Duke Nukem, Monkey Island en wat andere oude games onder de loep genomen.Mention game names like X-COM: UFO Defense, Ultima Underworld and Wing Commander to game veterans and their eyes will become glazed and teary as fond memories flood back of DOS installations and SoundBlaster command parameters. And even now, those games can still provide all the same gameplay entertainment that they managed back in the day.

Then there are those games that we view fondly through rose-tinted glasses, and finally relive, only to discover that they're just plain ass in today's 3D-accelerated, full-screen anti-aliased age. Emulation has helped us discover just how bad our memories have become. For me, getting a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator and a load of games (all of which I own in their

original formats, I should add) was a marvelous moment.

"Zo maken ze ze niet meer tegenwoordig"

Nostalgie all the way