Niet iedereen was te spreken over de onlangs verschenen multiplayer demo van Joint Operations, Novalogic's antwoord op Battlefield. Naast veel bugs en connectieproblemen viel het grafisch ook allemaal wat tegen. Gelukkig heeft Novalogic dat ook ingezien en dus hebben ze een patch voor ons klaargebakken die heel wat gebreken verbeterd.Fixed Muzzle flashes

Removed tracers from MP5

Fixed missing friendly tags

Added support for 16x9 aspect ratio monitors

New ground physics

New recoil system

Can now fire while swimming but take a larger recoil

Reduced armory timer to 30 seconds

Commanders map has more functionality

New helicopter flight model

New video test

No longer support cards without T&L.

New player info screen

In game options screen now works.

People get credit from blast radius weapons.

Falling from a great distance will now kill the players

Flying into objects will destroy the helicopters.

Fixed a problem regarding the floating husks

Greater stability for 100 player servers.

Fixed bug with clouds not displaying on certain video cards. De patch (50 MB) is te downloaden bij Worthplaying en 3D Gamers.