Activision heeft vandaag de eerder aangekondigde patch 1.4 voor Call of Duty uitgebracht. De patch voegt de langverwachte Punkbuster anticheat support aan het spel toe, en bevat de nieuwe multiplayermap mp_stalingrad. Daarnaast zijn nog enkele bugs gefixed. Mirrors naar de patch staan op de Call of Duty website.GAMETYPE FIXES

- Corrected an issue in “Search & Destroy” where leaning while planting the bomb would cause the player to lean further than intended.

- Corrected an issue where a player could spawn without a gun model if the round ended while on a ladder.


- Fixed a possible exploit with certain spectator-specific commands.

- Fixed a bug with the servercache.dat that caused some players to have difficulty loading the in-game browser.

- Fixed an issue where the number of servers displayed in the in-game browser would occasionally fluctuate.

- Fixed an issue where the pure server check would no longer ignore extraneous pak files if a demo had recently been played.

- Fixed a rare occurrence of the auto balance system preventing a player from joining either team.

Met dank aan Z-Man en liquidator voor het melden van dit nieuws.