Gamers Depot heeft een review van Panzer Elite, een tank strategy game! Hieronder een stukkie. Voor het complete, en grote, rest check je de bron!Before I had mentioned that this game is a simulation and confronts the user with an enormous amount of keys and strategies to learn. And as with most other simulations the manual is less then adequate to help you learn to control this beast. One aspect of simulations that most companies (Janes) have been including in their games is a tutorial mission. Here either a fake instructor or just even the computer leads you through some basic training aspects relative to whatever sort of craft you are learning to control. This has always, at least for me, provided a quick and easy way to get up to speed. Lets face it most of us don't have a military background and its not like you can just walk into a army base and barrow a tank to try out for a couple of days. They don't usually like that. Consequently I think a training mission is desperately needed.