Billy Wilson van VoodooExtreme las op het messageboard van DNF een interessante posting van een DN fan en een reply van George Broussard (van 3Drealms) over de stilte rondom DNF. Deze beweerde namelijk dat het slecht is voor de naamsbekendheid van Duke Nukem."3D Realms has taken a Monk like stance on talking about DNF and what it will include and when it will be out. They have been less than gratuitous with there screen shots and trailers. The question is, "Will this help or hinder Duke's popularity?" The fact is everyone at this website is sure to buy the game so yes they dont need to show you a single screenshot (yes Ive seen the few) or a trailer. They don't need to do a damn thing and we all here will buy the game! I know I'll be there the first day and I'm sure the game will rock. BUT what of those people that have never played Duke3D (yes there are many of them) how will they know what to think of this game? They wont and therefore wont buy it. 3D Realms should be thinking about making NEW Duke fans and not just keeping the old ones happy, which I'm not even sure there doing that right now. I am a new HALO fan and havent even played the game, just saw the screenies and trailer and am so waiting for it to come out. Ok ok it may suck when it comes out, but I still will have bought it and found out, where many people wont even buy Duke to find out how great it is, because they have not stumbled across a screenshot that engrossed them or a trailer. Hope Realms does a better job promoting DNF soon so MORE people will become Duke fans and not just the loyals. After all how do you think Who wants to be a Millionaire is the most popular game sold right now. Not because its good or fun to play, but promotion. -reply- Doesn't matter. Once the game is near, ads will catch their eye, or previews of the game. And if nothing else (like the original Duke 3D), the buzz and word of mouth from the demo will catch the rest. I'm kind of wondering where all these armchair marketing geniuses are coming from? George BroussardIk denk dat George wel gelijk heeft, er zullen vast wel wat knappe koppen over nagedacht hebben. Wat denk jij ervan?