De peoples van OutcastCentral.Com hebben wat info voor je over Outcast 2.

Erg jammer dat je waarschijnlijk moet wachten tot eind 2001/begin 2002...Can you give us more information about the Everest Engine which is stated on your site? Can you give the info in simple language: will it be like Tribes2 or LithTech V2? Will the landscape be as detailed as with voxels?

Everest is the rendering part of Himalaya technology. It is architectured to handle very large and detailed landscapes in addition to indoors. We are working on procedural mesh amplification to deal with details. Together with bump mapping and multi-pass shaders, it will look probably more realistic and as detailed as with voxels.

In what aspects will the AI engine be better and different in comparison with GAIA?

There is two main issues regarding GAIA in Outcast. First, the language was quiet difficult to handle by game programmers. Second, we developped a ton of behaviors that people didn't have the chance to see (at least without cheating .