Flexx schrijft: Aqua is het vervolg op het verhaal in de game Archimedean Dynasty: Dat was een spacesim maar dan onder water. Je hebt missies, zoals het vervoeren van een persoon of vracht waarmee je geld verdient en zodoende betere plasmaguns,torpedos,onderzeeer kan kopen.: AQUA is more than just a mere sequel of Archimedean Dynasty. Fight your way through a heartstopping three-dimensional underwater world. A secret scientific experiment goes fatally wrong and has unforeseen consequences for the citizens of AQUA. Caverns that have been concealed before by the continental slopes or have been well hidden underneath the seabottom are now collapsing and releasing horrifying monsters. These creatures are ancient Gods that have been shut up as captives up to that moment. Emerald Dead Eye Flint, whose part the player takes over, has to take up the struggle against these monsters, insane cavemen, amokrunning rebels and thrilling natural disasters. Steep mountain ranges, endless systems of interconnected caverns, glittering underwater cities and giant monsters: AQUA is a BIT-gone nightmare of speed and suspense. We will show a 8ooo square km-area of seabottom in full detail: caverns, cliffs and several hundreds of swimming objects that move completely naturally. These objects are made of up to 5000 polygons. So beware of the Giant Squid…….