Al moeten ze in Amerika nog even wachten op de release, sinds gisteren is Operation Flashpoint in Nederland al bij enkele grote winkels te koop.

Vandaag was het echter de dag van officiele release en is de rest van Nederland ook voorzien van Operation Flashpoint-cases.

Voor meer info van de officiele site, surf je snel naar Barrysworld plaatste alvast een review:The AI in Operation Flashpoint is quite impressive and the soldiers are fairly intelligent, reacting to noise, gunfire and other such distractions. Occasionally the realism goes slightly dodgy, for instance you'll shoot a soldier in the foot and he sometimes won't react straight away, he'll simply stand about waiting for the pain to kick in before he starts looking for someone to shoot at. It's not all dodgy though, for example the soldiers all split up and stay in formation to find you once you've shot one of their buddies and tanks turn up minutes after your presence has first been detected, as though the soldiers under attack have requested heavy back up."Met een score van 8 uit 10 is dit alvast geen slecht begin. Lees de volledige tekst voor meer info.