Zo'n één keer in de week fiets ik even langs SpelletjesGarnaal om te kijken of ze al nieuwe versies van hun altijd komische kickstarts hebben. Sinds gisteren heeft SG een movie online gezet, die gaat over de wargame Operation Flashpoint. Interesting stuff:Flashpoint is a tactical war game, which makes use of typical Cold War military equipment. Use Russian Hind helicopters, fly American Super Cobras, take a seat in tanks and transport trucks, use civil cars and planes too to fight with or against the rebels. Take aim with assault rifles or sniper rifles. Or avoid shooting at all, sneak into an enemy base at night and blow up their fuel depot. Stop reinforcements and sabotage enemy supply lines. Navigate in real time over huge maps were you even have to use time acceleration if you don't want to run down all this kilometers in real time!

Command your team into position and give several orders to storm an enemy base. Communication will lead to success! Make sure to hold it up. Use forests to take cover, avoid shooting if necessary because the AI in Flashpoint will react on sound and light. De kickstart gaat je zo'n 18 MB aan downloaden kosten, hiervoor zul je 17 minuten van de game kunnen genieten.