Codemasters heeft in een persbericht aan de wereld laten weten dat ze een Game of the Year Edition edition van Operation Flashpoint op de markt gaan loslaten.

Operation Flashpoint, welke meer dan 1 miljoen exemplaren heeft verkocht, zal samen met de uitbreidingen Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer en Operation Flashpoint: Resistance in een doosje op de markt komen. Developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio, Operation Flashpoint revolutionized the military simulator by enabling the player to control and command not just soldiers of all ranks but also land, sea and air vehicles – both military and civilian – from cars, to APCs, to tanks and even military helicopters. The series has garnered critical acclaim for its realism of simulating military conflict situations, even to the extent where the game's technology has been adapted for the United States Marine Corps to use as a special combat training application called VBS1 (Virtual BattleField System). Surf door naar Codemasters voor meer Operation Flashpoint info.