Dit is vooral goed nieuws voor grafische applicaties maar misschien brengt het ook nog voordelen met zich mee voor de gamers...This widely anticipated release clears the way for the emergence of high-quality OpenGL drivers for the Linux(R) platform. The availability of high-performance OpenGL implementations on Linux will enable a class of professional, technical and creative applications such as computer-aided design (CAD), molecular modeling, scientific visualization, architectural walk-throughs and visual simulation. In addition, the widespread availability of OpenGL implementations is likely to accelerate adoption of Linux as a gaming platform. Last year, SGI released the source code of GLX, enabling the integration of the X Windows system and the OpenGL API. With today's release, all of the necessary components to implement hardware-accelerated OpenGL drivers will be available to the open source community. "This release underscores SGI's dedication to maintaining OpenGL as the premier 3D graphics API for professional graphics applications," said Kurt Akeley, co-founder and CTO, SGI. "It also is an integral part of our commitment to Linux as a strategic operating platform." De source is hier te vinden.