Jake van Mixnmojo heeft alle filmpjes die zijn vrijgegeven van Lucasarts op E3 samengevoegd, wat knip en plakwerk gedaan en het eindresultaat is een hele leuke trailer van MI4!In my spare time since Daily Radar released all of that LucasArts game footage I have been working on an unofficial EMI teaser trailer with the help of DJG Spaff and Skyfox. Note that this trailer contains no new in-game footage, but is way more enjoyable to watch than the E3 tape dumps that have been previously available. Trust me. The running time of the trailer is about a minute and a half, and is available at various quality levels in AVI or QuickTime 4 format.De trailer is in de volgende formaten te krijgen: Best:QuickTime 320x240, 30 fps, 18.7 MB Almost Best: AVI 320x240, 30 fps, 30.5 MB Not So Great: AVI 160x120, 30 fps, 13.1 MB Even Less Great: QuickTime, 160x120, 20 fps, 7.3 MB