heeft een tijdje terug aan een aantal developers bovenstaande vraag gesteld. Nu staat deel 2 ook online, waarin onder andere Cliff Bleszinski, van Epic Games, aan de beurt komt. Deel 2 is hier te vinden.Scott McCabe, Programmer/Artist Alternate State Entertainment Netgames Overrated? Hell no. I think netgames are an integral part to gameplay. Since the dawn of gaming (not just computer games) we've always enjoyed playing against people. That's the fun. I think that the whole time we played against the computer was just a "place holder" until we get could to this point. The point to where people can play with each other (and sometimes, against each other as my UO character found out too many times). With so many games coming out that support this "option" survive. The ones that don't, sort of fade away. That's unless they have truly made a remarkable game that is best played solo. There are games out there like that (just not that many, IMHO). Netplay has also become a source to extend a game's life. People today still play Duke Nukem, Quake, Descent, Doom (I,II) mostly due towards this "feature" (and the fact that players can make their own stuff too). I use the words "options" and "features" because that's what I think they were. Now, they are just as part of the game as picking up gold or killing a monster. Then again, it also depends mostly on the game. If someone made a Rubiks Cube game, would anyone really want to deathmatch in that? hm, maybe now that I think of it.