De tweede game van Bungie die NGNetwork deze week previewt is Oni. Oni is een 'high-energy third-person shooter' zoals NGNetwork mooi omschrijft. De preview is hier te bekijken. Een stukje ervan zie je natuurlijk hier!Oni means "ghosts" or "demons". This title is an appropriate one: over several interviews and in the press release, Bungie and its employees have consistently alluded to the dark vision that fleshes out the concept world of Oni. In the tradition of anime, Oni is set in a technologically-oriented society riddled with crime and complex corruption's, an utter dystopia. The concept is fleshed out by the work of an architect in designing a variety of incredible environments, ranging from a sprawling underground complex to a fifteen-story police building. Generally, employing an architect leads to consistent and credible structures. It's often said that one of the most important things in a fictional experience is the "suspension of disbelief" that allows an audience to immerse themselves in a world. The success or failure of a game in achieving that immersion is locked in the small details of the game, details such as consistent (and, from the screenshots, well-done) architecture. Handrails and the way glass is framed can transform the feel of a rendered space. The overall look is at once stark and fleshed-out: the simplicity suggesting a sterile technocentricism while the textures and colours give it energy.