Oni is een fantastische en snelle actie game met een chick in de hoofdrol. Hardy LeBel was de Lead Designer van Oni en hij kwam in Augustus 1999 bij het team. De redactie van Inside Mac Games heeft een interview met Hardy online gezet. The development of Bungie's action/adventure title Oni is a strange and sordid tale, from the initial concept to the final multiplatform release due next week. Almost four years since its initial inspiration by such 'anime' movies as Ghost in the Shell and Akira, this game has survived numerous staff changes, the cancellation of multiplayer support and the Bungie buyout to emerge as a hot Mac, PC and PS2 release.

IMG's history with this title began early; we published a preview in the first half of 1999, based on a visit to Bungie West HQ. Since that time the game has changed considerably, but the initial concept and strengths of the design remain. We spoke with lead designer Hardy LeBel about Oni's design, the decision to remove multiplayer support, and the departure of Brent Pease, who came up with the initial concept of Oni, and pitched it to Bungie with Michael Evans.

Het interview behandeld onder andere de mooie intro en vele andere goede (maar ook slechte) aspecten binnen Bungie's Oni. Het twee pagina tellende interview is hier te lezen.