On-line gamen, een hype of de toekomst. De mensen van de eUniverse kijken hoe ontwikkelaars rekening houden met het aspect van on-line gamen.

Maar wie zou niet met een snelle verbinding "echte" mensen (virtueel) willen fraggen

Een open deur dus, maar wel leuk om te lezen So, how can a game based on competition provide the best competitive opponents for the player? The answer, of course, is to connect the player with other humans. A system that allows many machines to be connected together (like the internet) is the natural and obvious home for computer game competition. So for games that are about competition between players, playing on-line is without a doubt the inevitable future. Games like Quake 3 Arena, therefore, will thrive on-line. The more people that become connected, the more effective the competitive nature of that game becomes. This is why on-line gaming is an inevitable future.Ben jij ook hyped up.