David Bowie is amper klaar met het inkwijlen van zijn eerste game "Omikron" en nu krijgen we al de eerste geruchten over een tweede deel."Even though Eidos Interactive's third-person action/adventure Omikron hasn't even been released yet, there's word from the developers that Omikron 2 is in the works. We recently asked Quantic Dream's CEO and Game Designer of Omikron, David Cage, to participate in our Developer's Dream special. The Developer's Dream special is a feature in which we ask developers a single question of "what game would you create if there were no limitations what so ever." David responed with a simple "Omikron 2". In addition, Quantic's Art Director, Loic NORMAND told us that they were "beginning to set the world of Omikron 2. It's going to be nasty! Omikron will be out at the end of the week in Europe and I don't know exactly the date for US." he added. On word about the game going gold anytime soon Loic responded with "Omikron is gold already, we're now waiting for it to be platinium or tungsyene maybe :-)"Hopelijk gaat het accent in de toekomst iets meer op het spel zelf liggen i.p.v. op de soundtrack.