Er is weer wat meer nieuws over de komende topper van Interplay: Giants. Check de officiele site voor meer info.Wednesday! and a typical one at that. Today is not the day to slip the headphones on and zone out to the magical place where an Artist loses a sense of time. No it's definitely a multitasking questions and phone day, usually these feel frustrating but so many little things on Giants are getting wrapped up that I find I'm getting a kick out of it instead. Over the weekend Bob and I checked out a few new games and thought they were running a bit slow when we realized we hadn't done a sanity check with Giants frame rate in a while. Bob heads home with a hot copy of Giants to play on his sickly bedridden P266 . Came in this morning all smiles and songs to report the games running just dam fine. I breathe a quiet sigh of relief followed by a quick wink to myself as I remember the final game optimization is yet to come. Van wat ik op de E3 heb gezien, ziet het er alvast erg leuk uit. Zeker ff in de gaten houden!