Clippy, de behulpzame paperclip uit Microsoft Office, zal binnenkort een rigoureuze carrièremove maken. De befaamde Office-assistent zal namelijk de hoofdrol spelen in een spel voor de Xbox 2. Het zal een platformspel worden waarin de mogelijkheid van Clippy om zichzelf in diverse andere objecten om te buigen, een belangrijk onderdeel uit maakt van de gameplay. Zo kan Clippy veranderen in een sleutel om zo voorbij een gesloten deur te komen. Je zult de diverse objecten echter wel eerst tegen moeten komen in de spelwereld. Microsoft stuurde het volgende persbericht de deur uit waarin Clippy's nieuwe roeping bekend wordt gemaakt:Office Assistant Clippy™ to star in Next-Gen Videogames

31 March 2005 – Redmond. Microsoft Games Studios, a leading worldwide publisher and developer of games for the Xbox® video game system, today announced that it will launch a new brand of games starring the world's most famous paperclip, Clippy™.

Clippy already received lots of fame and praise by his leading role as assistant in Microsoft Office™. "Clippy will be the leading character for the next-generation Xbox. People are already familiar with him", Rick Martinez, producer at Microsoft Game Studios, said. "Clippy has helped out lots of people in difficult situations. Someone like that is bound to be loved by many people and that's why we want to connect him with our next generation of console hardware", he continued.

The first game starring Clippy will launch at the same day as the next-generation Xbox console. Clippy: The Helping Paperclip will be developed by Japanese developer Artoon, who previously developed the highly successful Blinx: The Time Sweeper, and will be a platforming action game appealing to all ages. "Clippy's ability to bend into any shape makes him very multi-functional. Any object he sees in his environment, he can bend into! Have you seen a key which fits into the locked door elsewhere in the game's vivid world? Clippy can bend into it! There is no need to steal things anymore", says Katsunori Yamaii, producer of the game.

Along with the videogames, Microsoft is planning to extend the Clippy merchandising even further in the future. At the launch of the first videogame starring Clippy, the publisher will launch a new line of Clippy-related action figures and also a thrilling new cartoon with Clippy as a leading character, will launch on Cartoon Network.

About Microsoft Game Studios

Microsoft Game Studios is a leading worldwide publisher and developer of games for the Xbox® video game system, the Windows® operating system and online platforms. Comprising a network of top developers, Microsoft Game Studios is committed to creating innovative and diverse games for Windows (, including such franchises as Age of Empires®, Flight Simulator and Zoo Tycoon®; Xbox (, including such games as Fable® and franchises as Halo®, Project Gotham Racing® and MechAssault®; and MSN® Games (, the official games channel for the MSN network and home to such hits as "Bejeweled" and "HexicTM."

About Artoon

Artoon, based in Yokohama, Japan, creates original content for game consoles and mobile telecommunication devices. Established in 1999 by Yoji Ishii and Naoto Ohshima, co-creator of "Sonic the Hedgehog" in 1991 and part of Sega's Sonic Team, Artoon can be found on the World Wide Web at eerste Clippy spel, Clippy: The Helping Paperclip, wordt ontwikkeld door het Japanse Artoon, bekend van Blinx: The Time Sweeper. Het spel zou bij de lancering van de volgende generatie Xbox console klaar moeten zijn. We zijn benieuwd of Microsoft nu wel een echte platformhit neer zal weten te zetten.