Bij Gamespot hebben ze Obi Wan een nader bekeken en het resulteerde in een mooie preview van deze Star Wars action-adventure.

Hier is een snippit uit de conlusie:While the focus on the Jedi experience sounds very solid, a lot of the gameplay is still up in the air and the more technical aspects of the game are being worked on. The biggest milestone so far is the physics engine, which will dictate a lot of the puzzles during the game. Multiplayer is still in the concept stage - plans so far include a mix of traditional deathmatch with standard weapons, and teamplay-style missions. Multiplayer will let you play as humanoid characters and even Droids, so you can stalk about as Darth Maul or roll around as one of those Pillbug Droids.

Obi-Wan looks to be not only a thinking-person's action game, but also a fully-fledged Jedi simulator in the same way Rainbow Six is an anti-terrorism sim. It's good to know it won't be just "Quake with Jawas". Lees hem hier.