Waar 3dfx slechte kwartaalcijfers te voorschijn toverde. Presenteert NVIDIA ons recordkwartaalcijfers. In het tweede kwartaal van dit jaar (dat is het fiscale jaar 2001) heeft NVIDIA een omzet behaald van $170.4 mln. De nettowinst was dit kwartaal $29.0 mln. groot.

The second quarter of fiscal 2001 was a milestone quarter for NVIDIA," stated Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA. "We are pleased with our focus and execution of each core element of our strategy. We continued to extend our technology leadership. Our 'top-to-bottom' product offering continues to expand, as we completed the roll out of a full line of GeForce2 GPUs. OEMs worldwide are recognizing the benefits of our Unified Driver model. And the thrusts into our newest markets, workstation and commercial desktop, were strengthened with groundbreaking new products. We are in a terrific position to rapidly expand our market share and extend our technological reach well beyond the core consumer market."

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