nVidia en Epic Games hebben bekend gemaakt samen te gaan werken in de onwikkeling van games. Het is niet zo dat nVidia ineens spellen gaat maken, maar Epic zal van de laatste snufjes van de next-gen nVidia videokaarten gebruik maken. nVidia and Epic Games will be collaborating to produce next-generation applications that leverage nVidia's latest 3D technologies, including the new features of the GeForce 256 and GeForce2 graphics processing units. In other words, the inherent Glide-bias of the current Unreal engine is being tossed out for future Unreal products, which will embrace a broader range of hardware and APIs. Prior to this announcement, Epic had begun targeting new Unreal engine features for the GeForce 256 and GeForce2 GTS. One such example is the engine's new large-scale terrain. This feature exploits the hardware transform and lighting features of the GeForce line of GPUs.

Additional features are planned that line up with current and future nVidia 3D graphics processors. As part of their collaborative efforts, nVidia will provide Epic with versions of upcoming hardware and drivers, as well as extensive testing of those drivers with existing Unreal products and new unreleased versions of the engine. To facilitate this, the agreement calls for regular technical reviews and exchanges between the two companies. Kortom: Wil je van de opvolger van Unreal Tournement optimaal genieten? Koop een nVidia kaart