Laatst kon iedereen al genieten van de NOLF demo. Er zijn ook al mp3'tjes uitgekomen met de sound van NOLF en om in de NOLF stemming te blijven komt er misschien ook nog een FILM uit.An unnamed source at Dark Horizons has revealed possible

new details for an upcoming big-screen version of Fox and Monolith's soon-to-be-released first-person espionage shooter, No One Lives Forever:

"I'm not sure if you knew about Fox's plans to turn its 60s spy spoof PlayStation 2/PC game No One Lives Forever into a movie(the game itself is Doom/Quake meets The Avengers/Austin Powers, so it makes perfect sense).

They've been discussing it for ages, since the game was first commissioned. The original idea was to get Mitzi Martin (above) to play the lead, as she does in the game. But, obviously, the commercial-heads within Fox don't see Mitzi as a big enough 'name'. Without the lead firmed up, Fox was obviously not going to

green-light the project, and so most thought it would languish in computer-game/film hell, alongside Doom and Sin. Tegenwoorig is het wel in om van een game een film te maken.

No One Lives Forever, binnenkort wel, want moviestars never die