Nox is alweer uit (en iedereen wacht op diablo2) en gamepost heeft een aardige review geschreven. Ze geven het spel 87% en dat is best wel hoog. (hoewel, ze geven aan de meeste spellen hoge ratings )Final Thoughts: Overall the Game breathes fresh air into an otherwise fairly new but already exhausted genre. The successful implementation of great artwork coupled with fantastic sounds/music and an average storyline have worked to great effect and will without a doubt present a future challenge for similar game, apart from the eagerly anticipated Diablo 2, trying to conquer the already well defined territory of Diablo. The lack of co-operative Multiplayer does eliminate the replayability factor since every well established Diablo fan has a couple of hours of cooperative teamplay behind him/her and this is exactly what made Diablo so well received within the gaming community. A final word of advice though, even without the co-operative feature, if you're bursting for a taste of something new since the aftertaste of Diablo and are looking to fill in the gap between now and the final release of Diablo 2, I can heartily recommend Nox as a substitute to your diet in the Action/RPG Genre. Hier staat de review en hieronder staat een plaatje