Als je irritante beestjes over je scherm wilt zien vliegen moet je vooral op deze link klikken. Als je informatie wilt over Nox Quest, de grootste add-on to date voor Nox, moet je tevens op die link klikken. In de loop van de dag zullen dus de servers van Westwood (met Nox) enige tijd onbereikbaar zijn vanwege de update:The NOX Quest add-on is the largest and biggest downloadable add-on we have ever created for our fans. Not only will your software be updated to play our newest version of NOX for free, but we will also need to update all our NOX servers. This will require us to take these servers offline on Monday, July 31st to make the necessary changes.

We know that some (or most!) of you will want to spend part of your Monday playing NOX online, so we have planned to update our servers in stages. This means that while one server is being updated, we will try to leave the other servers up and running. However, don't be surprised if there are periods of time on Monday in which none of the servers are available to play on. Rest assured we'll be working non-stop to get the entire update process done as fast as possible for you.

On Tuesday, if everything goes well with our server updates, the NOX QUEST ADD-ON will be made available at 12:00 noon PST. We'll have updated information here on our homepage, as well as on our NOX server log-in messages about where to download this exciting new mode of play for NOX.