Hier een preview van het spel Nox gemaakt door Westwood StudiosWhen we first opened up the Fed Ex package last week that contained four copies of the very latest Nox build, we thought to ourselves, "Man, those guys over at Westwood are all kinds of cool." Little did we know that they were unleashing what would become a veritable plague of goofing-off on our unprotected office. For at least a week, every time I would turn around in my chair, I would see at least one copy of this insidiously addictive game running on one of the IGNPC computers. After work things got even worse as Steve and I continued our long running grudge match, taking turns baking, grating, slicing and skewering each other with more efficiency than a Ronco product. Eventually I realized that we had better write something about the game fairly soon or we were all going to get fired. I'll get even with those bastards at Westwood no matter it takes... Ga hem snel hier bekijken