Bij is een interview te lezen over Westwood's RPG game Nox.IGNPC: First off, what's going to make Nox different from every other RPG out there? John Hight: Well, the emphasis is not strictly on the RPG - we've tried to make a good action strategy game. The player assumes the role of Jack, a twentieth century guy that got zapped back into this medieval, magical land of Nox. There are three different classes in the game, warrior, conjuror, and wizard. Each class presents a different path in the game and unlike a lot of RPG's where you pick a class and play the same set of missions - each one has a different take in Nox. There are eleven chapters in the game, which are different although there are some overlaps. For instance if I'm a warrior, I'm not highly regarded in the land of the wizards. When I go to their town, I'm immediately accosted by a drunk and then thrown in jail. I then have to fight my way out and the notorious criminal Morgan Lightfingers helps me out. But If I play as a wizard, one of my tasks is to find this Morgan fellow and throw him jail. He's a bad guy within the wizard community and when he goes to the warrior town, he has similar problems - the warriors want to enslave him. Check hier de rest van de info.