Op diabloii net hebben ze een artikeltje getypt over NOX, en hem vergeleken met Diablo 2. Je kunt het stuk hier gaan lezen. Knip en plak :To compare Diablo and Nox is not exactly to "compare apples and oranges," as Granny used to say. But it is certainly to compare two kinds of apples, say, the Red Delicious and the Macintosh (that's fruit Macintosh, not a fruit-named computer :-). Those who don't play computer games - or play only a limited few – can develop a tendency to generalize, to lump together many widely-different titles under a common heading and consider them as one. But for those who play First-Person Shooters, for instance, there is no truth to calling Half-Life, Doom, and Unreal "the same type of game" unless the word "type" is only a huge verbal umbrella, under which many very different products stand. In the family of the Role-Playing Game there are many points of comparison for titles both old and new. At the top of the heap, the most successful RPG game of all and the one credited with revitalizing the whole genre, is Diablo. Then there are those who are called "Diablo Killers" or "Diablo Wannabe's" such as the recently-released Darkstone and Revenant, as well as the soon-to-be-released Nox, by Westwood Studios - all members of "The Gametype that Diablo Built."