Op Land-Warrior.com is er een discussie bezig over over cheaten in de Delta Force serie. Op dit moment wordt er nog enorm veel gecheat op de Novaworld servers en veel spelers willen een patch die vooral het cheaten in Delta Force 1 zou verhelpen. Gelukkig besloot NovaLogic zelf ook te reageren en hier is hun reactie:First off, thanks to everyone for your input. We want you to know NovaLogic is aware of the problem of cheating on NovaWorld, and we're determined to fix it.

That's not going to be easy, and it's not going to happen overnight. But with Delta Force: Land Warrior due for release this Fall, we're committing additional resources to battling the problem in all of our games.

Some players have asked about the Anti-Cheat Patch for the original Delta Force. Our programmers are looking into it and would certainly be interested in seeing the source code, but because the patch is designed to for just one version of the client-side software, it's not the kind of broad solution we need on the server side.

In addition, we hope Delta Force players will understand that while we appreciate the ingenuity of the people who created the patch, we can't endorse or adopt any outside patches or utilities because of the threat of malicious code. We know that at least one trainer program included a back-door designed to give the programmer access to users' computers -- and while we believe the Anti-Cheat Patch was created with the best of intentions, we simply can't be responsible for code we didn't create in-house.

Within the next few weeks, we'll update everyone with more specific info regarding our efforts to combat cheating. Meanwhile, we'd like to ask that the gaming community help us attack the problem by alerting us to the methods the cheaters are using. If you're aware of a trainer program, patch, or hack that lets people cheat in any of our games, please E-mail us at novawatch@novalogic.com, and it will reach the appropriate people in development.Ban All Cheaters Forever !