GA-Source heeft een preview van Nomads, een actie strategie adventure spel (jaja! ) gemaakt door het Duitse Radon Labs Nomads gameplay promises to be a mix of real-time strategy, where players build up their floating cities, high-flying action-adventure similar to that of Drakan, and elements of role-playing. Imagine flying around huge, floating islands that drift slowly through the haze of the clouds as you control your flying Wizard Engineer.

Equipped with arcane powers and glittering magical artifacts, players are able to build clusters of factories, power plants and defense facilities on their massive floating platforms. With these factories players can build armies of flying machines, biplanes and zeppelins all produced in real-time and controlled by you in order to try to gain the upper hand in the battle for rare resources and valuable artifacts.

Nomads staat gepland voor het laatste kwartaal van volgend jaar en een uitgever is er nog niet gevond.