Speed schrijft dat er een interview is met Bernd Beyreuther van Radon Labs. Het interview geeft wat helderheid omtrent de gebruikte game-engine en het verhaal van Nomads. Het interview is redelijk kort, maar toch de moeite waarom om te lezen.2. Why are you "giving away" your engine, instead of selling licenses ? I have to answer that 5 times every day :) When we started NOMADS the first decision we had to do was: should we use an existing engine or should we code our own. The very specific demands of NOMADS - clouds, flying islands, 10 miles line of sight - required an new engine. The moment we decided to write our own engine, the possible options were: 1. sell 2. do not do anything with it 3. making it free about 1.: We would become an engine developer. We would have to spend a substantial amount of time to manage, doc, our product , to support. Our customers would be companies. We probably would earn some money, but we would loose some time too. Some companies prefer to go that way. We prefer to make games. Our customers are gamers. So we decided to focus on NOMADS-development not on selling NEBULA. about 2.: We would not win anything. about 3.: We win a lot: a huge betatest for free - thousands of users testing nebula on extremely different machines (different linux, windows-versions, different video-cars) The result: Nebula runs stable and on tons of platforms making code open, forces you to write clean code (since everybody will SEE it :) clean code is good for every project people write extensions to Nebula and offer them for free too (we really do not have to develop everything ourself) we can give back something to the OSS community lust but not least it is a big advertising campaign for RadonLabs Nomads interview