Bij pc.ign hebben ze een interview gehouden met Monolith's Craig Hubbard over No One Lives Forever. NOLF is een combinatie van spy voorbeelden bij elkaar: If you take a pinch of James Bond, a smidgen of Austin Powers, a touch of Mission Impossible, and then wrap it all up in a body to rival Lara, what have you got? Monolith's No One Lives Forever, that's what.

De hoofdrol wordt gespeeld door een vrouw en ze luistert naar de naam Cate Archer:IGNPC: Take us through the plot premise -- we play as this female spy yeah? What's her story?

Craig Hubbard: You assume the role of Cate Archer, a recent recruit for a super secret international anti-terrorist organization called UNITY. Thus far, she's been relegated to menial tasks such as wiretapping and surveillance. Essentially, the powers that be lack faith in her because of her gender, so they've kept her from the real assignments she craves. She gets her break when a mysterious Russian assassin starts picking off UNITY's undercover operatives. With over half the agency's active list permanently out of commission, the chief has no choice but to call her off the bench, so to speak. Then, what begins as a straightforward assignment to protect a vacationing American ambassador from a would-be assassins veers off into an epic adventure spanning several continents …

Craig Hubbard verteld ook over de wapens en andere speeltjes die deze game zal bevatten: IGNPC: We imagine the game will be pretty gadget stuffed a la Bond et al -- what sort of things are we talking about here?

Craig Hubbard: You'll have access to about 30 weapons and gadgets. Weapons range from firearms to more exotic and experimental equipment. Additionally, many weapons have multiple ammunition types, such as cyanide-tipped or phosphorous rounds, and can be fitted with modifications like scopes, sights, or suppressors. While some of the gadgets are effectively weapons in disguise--such as the briefcase missile launcher--we also have an assortment of more specialized tools like a barrette that doubles as a lock pick and a poisoned knife, a miniature welder, and security camera disablers.

Deze game is er zeker een om naar uit te kijken! En als jij er ook zo over denkt, lees dan even het completen interview