Gamecenter heeft nog een E3 update online gesmeten. Microsoft zal weer groots aanwezig zijn met een hoop nieuwe titels en de X-Box (helaas achter gesloten deuren). Valve wil Half Life mods laten zien en waarschijnlijk zullen er weer wat nieuwe PS2 titels aanwezig zijn:Microsoft at the show: Even though the company's fate is currently in the hands of a federal judge, Microsoft is charging ahead at full steam. The company plans on showing off a bevy of new games and gaming hardware at E3. On the slate: Combat Flight Simulator 2, Conquest: Frontier Wars, Crimson Skies, Links 2001, Loose Cannon, MechCommander 2, MechWarrior 4, Midtown Madness 2, Motocross Madness 2, Sidewinder Force Feedback 2, Sidewinder Game Voice, and the Sidewinder Strategic Commander. Also, Microsoft will demo Freelancer, Dungeon Siege, and the X-Box behind closed doors. Valve wants your Half-Life mods: The folks at Valve Software want to display player-created Half-Life mods at their E3 booth this year. Valve's big on supporting its mod community, so this year there will be four machines set up to show off the latest and greatest mods. If you're a Half-Life mod developer who plans to be at E3, e-mail Valve's Sarah Walker and she'll try to hook you up. PS2 rumors: The PS2 is scheduled to arrive on U.S. shores later this year, so the big rumble is on what'll be shown. According to the latest rumors, Konami will announce a PS2 sequel to Metal Gear Solid and Bandai may announce Gundam games. Then there's a report that Electronic Arts may show some sports games for the PS2 as well.