Ook 3D Unlimited kwam op het zaligmakende idee om een SoF review te schrijven:Soldier of Fortune is slated to be released in February 2000. Look for this gore-filled shooter on stores shelves near you. This is a must buy for the diehard single player gamer, and most likely the diehard multiplayer gamer. In the early version we played, the system seemed to be bogged down on a lower end system. We tested the game on several machines, the lowest being a P2-266 with 96 megs of ram and a Voodoo 3 3000. The system seemed to be overwhelmed when options were set higher then standard. But on our other faster system, the game ran flawless with all options on high. Hopefully bug fixes and new code additions will speed up the gameplay before the retail release. Check voor meer info deze posting over de Soldier of Fortune preview van Gamespot.