Ook Beta Bites heeft met Earth 2150 mogen spelen en hebben over hun bevindingen een verhaaltje geschreven. [bullet]Revolutionary 3D engine creates real-time lighting, true 3D terrain deformation, realistic fog-of-war and particle effects. [bullet]First use of subterranean warfare in a real-time strategy game. [bullet]Production units can be upgraded with offensive or defensive weaponry. [bullet]Over 50 visually CG cut scenes. [bullet]Nonlinear mission system with 70 missions. [bullet]Real-time weather and day/night changes influence strategy and tactics. [bullet]Massively mulitplayer: over 8 via IPX, TCP/IP, or Modem. [bullet]Powerful 3D Map Editor. [bullet]Optional multi-map interface allows player to see 3 different areas at once. [bullet]3 distinct civilizations, each with their own unique technology. [bullet]Customizable units: Research allows units to be upgraded with a variety of offensive/defensive armament, regardless of unit type.