Unreal, een van de beste verkopende titels allertijden. Na Unreal, Unreal Return to Napali en Unreal Tournament, mogen we over 12 maanden Unreal II verwachten. In de PC gamer stond al wat info wat door Voodoo Extreme werd overgenomen.Unreal II will take the best parts of Unreal and Unreal Tournament," says Legend's studio head Mike Verdu. "We're creating a single-player game with a rich story that surrounds 13 combat missions [25 levels]."

It's an all-new world, and all-new character to play, and an all-new style. While set in the same universe as the first game, Unreal II will introduce five alien races in a story that's designed to be tight-knit.

In a nutshell you're a "Terran Colonial Authority Frontier Marshall" who patrols the ass-end of space in an old scout ship named the Atlantis.

Within the 25 levels you'll be conducting infiltration, search-and-rescue and other missions. "We want to capture the magic of Assault in UT," says Verdu.

Smaller scale battles of four or five monsters at a time, maximum.

AI bots/marines will be used in tactical situations to help out. Need I say more. Door het kwijl op mijn toetsenbord wordt het typen wat moeilijk. De rest van de punten kan je vinden op VoodooExtreme of in de Engelstalige PC gamer.