Dit hoorde eigenlijk bij de vorige Nocturne posting, maar heb het toch maar eventjes apart gezet. Er zullen vast wel mensen zijn die bv. alleen de patch, of alleen de models willen hebben...Notice that these models are released "as is" and support for them will not be provided! The models are: 1. Old Castle: (the original creation BEFORE the one currently in the game) w/textures. 2. Old Rooms 1-3: These are really low face and are medieval in theme (untextured). 3. Park Bench: untextured. 4. Grain Silo: w/some texturing. It needs some modification for Nocturne. 5. Dockside: This is a large set that is untextured. It includes a warehouse full of boxes and crates, handjacks and a forklift (low poly). It also includes an industrial building that the factory was based on. Outside is a cargo ship, two or three really big cranes and a tug boat. Someone should have a field day with this. 6. Futuristic Prison: Says it all (untextured). 7. Tavern: same here. Does have some beds upstairs (untextured). 8. Crypt: Low poly and untextured.Klik hier om naar de pagina te gaan waar je hem kunt downloaden