GA-source heeft met de Noble Armada's Directeur, Andrew Greenberg, gesproken en wat info weten los te peuteren van deze space strategy game. Volgens deze man wordt het geen homeworld kloon, het komt toevallig allebei uit hetzelfde genre en heeft dus overeenkomsten. Het spel moet het 2de kwartaal van dit jaar uit komen, ze zijn alleen nog op zoek naar een nieuwe publisher."FSNA has a lot of unique features," Greenberg explains. "It has a robust trading engine, something we have not seen in many recent games. The 3D engine is easy and fun to use, allowing you to maneuver a small fleet in space combat. To this we add diplomacy, psychic powers, holy miracles, ancient relics, lost civilizations, bizarre aliens, and much much more." (...)There are substantial differences, however. In Homeworld you want to build up giant fleets to send out against other players. In FSNA, you develop small fleets of very strong ships. The aforementioned Elite and Pirates! are examples of games with a similar style. Our own “Machiavelli the Prince” and “Merchant Prince” also had a significant influence on this game." He continued, "we hope players will find the mix of game elements and game content attractive. I guess Homeworld is our closest competitor (mainly due to it also being a 3D RTS), but FSNA is still very different from it. Instead of trying to control ship after ship after ship, players get to control more of the functions of each individual ship, using either the mouse or the keyboard for movement and combat."