Games met style roelen. Zo had je vroeger natuurlijk games zoals Interstate'76 die er gewoon uitspringen en ,,cool'' zijn. En gelukkig is het weer zover, want er is weer zo'n coole game genaamd No One Lives Forever, oftewel NOLF. De lucky bastards bij DailyRadar hadden een review versie in hun bezit en gingen daarmee aan de slag en daar kwam het volgende uit.We don't normally condone explosive man/goat love here at Daily Radar, but for games like this, we are willing to make an exception. No One Lives Forever is so imaginative, colorful and funny that it serves to remind us how insufferably gloomy and witless most shooters are. Players take control of Cate Archer and gain that rarest of FPS powerups, the interesting character. She must battle to save the world from a nefarious scheme that makes organic creatures, such as goats and men, explode like bombs. It's a ridiculous premise that is used cleverly throughout a game that had us laughing constantly. The level design is creative and full of good ideas, the music is spy-film perfect, and the production values are first-rate. Only a very mediocre graphics engine and an annoying AI bug marred what is otherwise one of the best games of the year.

Jeeeeeez, die vent die op het punt staat om overreden te worden kan echt niet richten. Wel leuk die kop die hij trekt zo van: Oooooooooh Feck!!!

No One Lives Forever review