No one lives without patches. Dat bewijst ook NOLF. Net uit en het NOLF team is al bezig met de komende patch.

Het blijft triest dat je een game koopt en achter de schermen is men bezig met een pleister. En dat de nodige dingen gefixed moesten worden kan je uit de lijst vernemen.- Fixed a potential crash on exit bug as well as crashes that sometimes occur when moving between Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

- Fixed memory fragmentation issues which may have caused crashes and slow downs after playing for a while.

- Fixed a bug where player inventory was not always saved correctly after you are knocked out. This insures if you go back to play a level, that you have all available weapons/gadgets that you have collected.

- Added more informative "Disconnected from Server" messages.

- Fixed a bug that allows low ping players to score multiple kills when they run over someone on the snowmobile or motorcycle.

- Fixed a bug that allows low ping players to photograph Intelligence items multiple times.

- Fixed a multiplayer bug which sometimes caused player's armor display to not show up correctly.

- By popular request, we are adding the ability to review Intelligence items you have collected.

- The update will include new multiplayer maps as well.

Het blijft slordig dat men zo snel na het uitbrengen al naar het patchen moet grijpen.

Slechte code maakt meer kapot dan je lief is